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Hello! my name is Sasha Heath and I’m the proud illustrator of hellotomato. hellotomato is a small illustration studio, which started back in 2012. We’re based in the heart of Melbourne and we’ve produced artwork for a number of stores, cafes and offices across Australia.

If you would like to commission us for a project of any size, please contact:

Sasha: 0429 697 389
E-mail: hello@sashaheath.com

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Clients we’ve worked with

Facebook, The Falls Music & Arts Festival, VM Ware, Mt.Buller, Darling Harbour, Campos Coffee, Padre Coffee, Joco Cups, City of Sydney, Kinfolk Cafe, Welcome to Thornbury, Maiocchi, Blue Rock Accounting, King of the Castle Cafe, Monsterthreads, Love Mae, The Woodsfolk, Big Dreams, Speld Victoria, DELWP, Mutual Stores Apartments, Art Town, Mr.Foxx Cafe, Fawn Gallery, The Aviary Hotel, Smith & Co, VFS, The Practical Man, Rollie Nation, Bio Cups, Lip Cafe, Unik Hair Salon, Foxes Den & La La Land